San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer: Natasha & Paul at Diablo Country Club

What can I possibly say about Natasha and Paul, other than that they are two of the most absolutely lovely human beings anyone could ever hope to meet?  From out first meeting last May at a Berkeley Cafe, to their engagement session last summer, to the moment they made a rose-petal exit from their gorgeous wedding this year at Diablo Country Club, being a part of their wedding has been an absolute honor.

Kind and graceful, Natasha has one of those smiles that lights up the whole room – not to mention the fact that she managed to get a PHD from UC Berkeley the week of her wedding, and still somehow glide through it looking totally serene and refreshed.  After a year’s worth of excited e-mailing back and forth about all the plans and details, I couldn’t help but feel a funny lump in the back of my throat when I saw her step into her stunning, custom designed Lazaro gown for the first time at Lafayette Park Hotel.  And Paul, an absolute gentleman, is a perfect match for her.  They are one of those couples who make that old cliche “made for each other” seem somehow… not cliche at all, but rather just a simple statement of fact.  More than just a young couple in love, it’s obvious that they’re also best friends, totally in sync with one another, and that they’ll take care of each other with absolute love and total kindness for the rest of their lives.  They met playing music together at 360 Church in Berkeley, and so it was totally fitting that they played a song together in lieu of a first dance – and it was one of the few times in my life that I kind of wished I was a videographer instead of a still photographer, just so that I could have recorded the sound of their incredible voices.  It’s easy to see where they come from too – their families are both as wonderful as they are.  I’d had the pleasure of meeting Paul’s parents and twin brother Matthew at their engagement session and knew how warm and lovely all were – and Natasha’s side was just the same.

The wedding itself couldn’t have been more perfect.  Held at the historic Diablo Country Club with stunning grounds, there were countless handmade details.  With hair and makeup by Adrian Hernandez, Natasha wore a custom Lazzaro gown (and even had a sketch from the designer on display!) with her bridesmaids in blush pink Monique Lhuilliers.  Paul was in a dapper Hugo Boss tux, with the groomsmen in suits by Topman.  Natasha and Paul’s mom made the centerpieces, the gorgeous florals were designed by Asiel Design, and the spectacular cake with layers of lace and flowers was made by Krumbs Cakes.  Magnolia Jazz Band set the mood perfectly, and with Janelle from the Club’s help, it all went off without a hitch.  From there, I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves!

Warmest congratulations and all my love you two – you deserve nothing but the best!

10 thoughts on “San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer: Natasha & Paul at Diablo Country Club

  1. Un dia muy hermoso e inolvidable, lleno de emociones y my gratos recuerdos para las familias Dagys y Limones. Dios los unió a Paul y Natasha y los ha bendecido con su amor. Los tenemos presentes en nuestras oraciones cotidianas y les amamos sin condiciones.

    P.S Thank you Grace for an amazing work, you captured every moment with a unique talent and ability, fantastic work of art!

  2. Recuerdos inolvidables para toda la vida plasmados en fotos muy hermosas. Muchas Bendiciones para Paul y Natasha.

  3. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Muchas felicidades. No olvidar que Sam a estado orando mucho por ser…por ser..ok sin presión

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