Wine Country Wedding Engagement Photographer: Jennifer & Johnny

I could tell right from the moment I met them that I was going to absolutely adore Jennifer & Johnny.  A couple of fellow artists, they met while studying art in school, and are the warmest, kindest, and most creative couple you could hope to meet.  (And it certainly doesn’t hurt that they happen to love cats as much as I do!)  An illustrator by training, Jennifer and I bonded over our mutual love of Mary Blair, and watching her projects for the wedding come along, from the cutest hand-drawn Save-the-Dates you can imagine to hand-felted cake toppers, has me counting down the days until their wedding at Murrieta’s Well this July.

One of the thing that I love most about this job is watching “accidents” turn into something wonderful.  I met two two of them at their house before the shoot, where Jennifer was feeling a little rattled by a makeup test gone awry, and was trying to undo the damage herself.  Watching Johnny step in to cheer her up and calm her down made it so, so clear how happy these two are going to be together.  And although we never quite managed to find the Mary Blair-esque old wedding chapel of our dreams for their engagement session, we did find an incredible park near their home in Livermore with the most gorgeous trees, tall grasses, and sprinkling of purple wildflowers.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.

8 thoughts on “Wine Country Wedding Engagement Photographer: Jennifer & Johnny

  1. Awww, such a cute couple. Congrats on the engagement, I am sure the wedding will be beautiful. I remember when you two first met. 🙂

  2. All beautiful! Especially like the black & white with Jennifer sitting on branch and Johnny looking up at her. Sublime!

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