San Francisco Wine Country Wedding Photographer: Katie & Eddie at Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma

Within the first ten minutes of taking to Katie on the phone, I felt like I had known her my whole life. She was already finishing my sentences for me, and it was immediately clear that she came from a family a lot like my own – which is pretty amazing thing. We could have been sisters. I knew I was going to adore her and Eddie on the spot.

We decided to meet for coffee the weekend of Thanksgiving 2011. At the last minute, she e-mailed to let me know that her mom and dad wanted to meet me too, and asked if that would be okay. “I’d love to meet them!” was my unhesitating response, and it couldn’t have been more of an honor. Her family (and Eddie’s) are as amazing as the two of them, and it’s clear where this awesome couple got their start.

Over the months that followed, I grew to consider the two of them friends. I remember walking through a rainstorm from my place in the Mission up to meet them at Luna Park and laughing over a glass of wine as they told me stories about their history – from Eddie looking at her a little too long and crashing his bicycle, to his mom taking Katie’s face in her hands and declaring “You take care of him, Katie Kelley!” after he’d broken a collar bone in a nasty snowboarding accident. Katie’s dad’s toast was all about… what a huge man-crush he has on his new son-in-law. It had the entire tent howling in laughter, but on a more serious note is a pretty amazing compliment when you think about it. Most fathers struggle to find anyone they think is worthy of their daughter. And Katie sets the bar pretty high, make no mistake.  …So you do the math.

I don’t think I could love them more, or feel luckier to have been a part of their wedding. Katie is amazing. Eddie is incredible. Their families overwhelmed me with warmth and love. Forget the wedding – I started to tear up just looking through photos.

They got married on a gorgeous September day at Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma with the help of their amazing planner, Leslie of Dandelion Events.  Viola Floral Design did the gorgeous arrangements of pieces of driftwood and succulents, which Katie has now replanted at home.  Her dress was custom made by local San Francisco designer Amy Kuschel and her makeup and hair done by Mei at Triple Twist.  Huge thanks to Alex’s Catering and their DJ, Josh Dukes, who had the dance floor packed all night (as you’ll see below!).

Thank you Katie, and thank you Eddie, and thank you Mr. & Mrs. Kelley, and Mr. & Mrs. Velasquez. I feel so lucky to have met you all, to have been a part of this amazing day, and to have all of you in my life.  You were such amazing example of not only a young couple very much in love, but of two strong families filled with warmth and a lasting love that gives me so much faith in the world, in love, and in happiness.

6 thoughts on “San Francisco Wine Country Wedding Photographer: Katie & Eddie at Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma

  1. I don’t even know what words could describe our gratitude for the beautiful gift, documenting our wedding day so perfectly and capturing all the deep felt love of the day, and of our lives up until this point. The energy was electric and you nailed it. I am going to thank you a million times!!!

  2. I said…..Awesome pictures! Thank you for sharing these with us Karin! Congratulations to your beautiful daughter and new son-in-law!
    Love and Best wishes from,
    Bernadette Fatehi

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