Indian Wedding Photographer: Namrata & Kaushik’s Going Away from New Delhi to Kolkata, India

We wake up at 6am to capture Namrata & Kaushik’s final send off as they leave for the Delhi airport and head for Kolkata, where Namrata will symbolically serve Kaushik’s family as the final phase of the wedding rituals.  When we tease her about coming along, she shoots us a dirty look and says “Oh no, I don’t think we need photos of that!” and laughs.

It’s a bittersweet morning for everyone, myself included.  After days of taking pictures and trying to fit as much into my time in India as possible, running around the city by metro and open-air auto, shopping for fabrics, spices, and music, I should be exhausted, but all I want is more.  I’m indescribably sad to be leaving this city and this family.  They couldn’t have been more welcoming, and it’s wonderful to have gotten the chance to spend time with such a fun, loving, and close family.   My warmest thanks to Namrata, her parents, and her sister for all of their hospitality, and I wish them all the best on whatever the future holds.  May they always be as close, loving, and joyful!

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