Indian Wedding Photography: Namrata & Kaushik’s Initial Pooja in New Delhi, India

I have to admit that I’ve been dreading the long flight from LAX to Delhi, but it ends up being the most relaxing 22 hours I’ve had since last May – After meticulously packing all my camera gear and backups into a carry on bag and seeing it safely aboard, I find myself trapped in a seat, away from my computer and unable to work; I have nothing to do but resign myself to my fate, have a glass of wine, watch a movie, and sleep for a solid 14 hours. I land in New Delhi feeling like I’ve just had a day at the spa.

The first thing that strikes me is the wild collision of old and new. Pollution hangs heavy and thick in the air, but creates a beautiful warm, soft light that makes the buildings look shrouded in mist. Apartment buildings so massive they look like something out of Bladerunner butt up against tiny brick shacks no more than four feet high. Cows roam the sides of wide, modern multi-lane highways on the road from Delhi to Gurgaon. Incredibly gorgeous women in colorful saris with full makeup and jewelry ride on the backs of motorcycles driven by average looking guys in jeans and cable knit sweaters. Lane markers have no meaning. Gavin laughs and says “Oh look, a whole country full of drivers just like you!”  …I got used to driving in New York and never really revised my style; He has a point, and I’m dying to try my hand at it here.

As soon as we arrive at our hotel, the phone rings and it’s our bride, Namrata calling to see if we’ve arrived safely. She invites us as guests to an opening pooja, or prayer ceremony with her family, which will mark the beginning of the wedding festivities. “Only if you want to and aren’t too tired,” she says, “and no need to bring a camera if you arean’t up to it!” An offer which I naturally ignore.

Her family couldn’t be lovelier or more welcoming. We’re excited to meet Namrata’s parents, her sister Vatsala who acted as wedding planner, and of course, her two adorable nieces Amaya and Samsara.

Indian Wedding in New Delhi Family Meal Pooja

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